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The advantage of Shrink-sleeve Labels is the utilisation of the entire surface of the packaging for marketing purposes, even for complicated shapes of products. The motif is printed on the reverse side of the packaging – perfecting, and due to this technology, the motif stability as well as high gloss of the final product are ensured.

Shrink-sleeve Labels are applied on the packaging line, the shrinking process is carried out using hot air or steam.

Shrink-sleeve Labels Manufacturing Process

  • ·         Printing of shrink sleeve film
  • ·         Perforation (longitudinal, transversal)
  • ·         Adhesion of the sleeve
  • ·         Finalization into rolls or sheets


  • By solvent, according to the film type
  • Sleeve width 19-250 mm
  • Adjustable position of adhesion location
  • Possibility of applying hot melt strip


  • Flexographic printing
  • Gravure printing
  • Digital printing


  • PVC – shrinking ability 60%
  • PET G – shrinking ability 80%
  • PLA – biopolymer 40 μm-240 μm

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