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Shrink Sleeve

The modern DCM Sleeve equipment allows bonding of the material to creating the final shape of a sleeve with optional slot hole perforation. The final check of the joint is done with the checking device DCM Baby Cut.


For different customers we use different kinds of binding. We want to fully meet the requirements of our customers.

Binding types

  • V1 booklet binding – format: min. 89 × 12, max. 305 × 349 number of components 4+cover sheet (+2 manually)
  • V2 unsewn binding
  • V3 block soft binding – format according to the customer’s wish
  • V4 unsewn and sewn binding
  • V7 case binding with combined coating – format min. 125 × 100 × 6, max. 350 × 290 × 50
  • V8 case binding with non-combined coating – format min. 125 × 100 × 6, max. 350 × 290 × 50
  • V9 case binding
  • PVC cover

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