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The Nyscan 100 % Inspection System has been installed in OTK company in last few weeks. This system from manufacturer E+L controls complete printed production, where all products are continuously scanned and each image is compared with a reference image. Even very small defects on print or material can be recognized by means of high frequency camera. The system is capable to read and evaluate quality of bar codes including variable bar codes. The customer gets report about inspection process of the whole production and quality of each product can be proved.

Function of NYSCAN inspection system:

  • 100 % using colour line scan camera
  • Continuous inspection of the entire width and length of the web
  • Special TubeLight illumination for reflective, embossed and holographic products
  • Digital roll reports for documentation of detected defects
  • Delta E output for colour variations
  • Barcode modules for the inspection of barcodes
  • Distance measurement between freely definable points in the print image
  • Number detection for the inspection of sequential numbers

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