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Flexible packaging

Flexibilní obalyDo you need packaging which adapts to you? Flexible packaging is supplied as a part of the complete solution of the packaging construction.

Graphic labels

Grafické etiketyLet us produce the best graphic labels possible for your product. Graphic labels can be used especially in the beverage and food-processing industry.

Self-adhesive labels

Samolepící etiketySelf-adhesive labels belong among the much coveted products. These labels constitute a wide and dynamically developing area of packing technology.

Shrink sleeve

The advantage of Shrink-sleeve Labels is the utilisation of the entire surface of the packaging for marketing purposes, even for complicated shapes of products.

In-mould labels

In-mould Labels (IML) are applied on the plastic packaging in the same injection phase, and this become its integral part. The life-span of the label is the same as of packaging.




27. 07. 2017

Packaging of the year 2017 for OTK GROUP

At the end of June, an evaluation of packaging registered for the competition PACKAGING OF THE YEAR 2017 took place. OTK GROUP won the award for wet glue label set for Hubertus beer from Kácov brewery.

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