In-mould labels

In-mould Labels (IML) are applied on the plastic packaging in the same injection phase, and this become its integral part. The life-span of the label is the same as of packaging.

In-mould labels are suitable for labelling thin-walled packaging used in cosmetics, detergent, paint, beverage and food industries, and it is also used in the automotive industry.

 IML Labels Manufacturing Process

·         Printing of IML film

·         Cut piece (required shape of the label, opening for an injection press needle)

·         Finalization – stacking of individual pieces

Cut Piece

·         Cutting machine roll – product, for cutting IML labels

·         Minimum material thickness 40 μm-240 μm

·         Operating width 410 mm

·         Magnetic rollers, classic or vacuum with the possibility of cut-out hole


·         Flexographic printing

·         Offset printing

·         Gravure printing

·         Digital printing

·         Production of small and large printing


·         40 μm-240 μm

·         Polypropylene IML foil

·         Paints for direct contact with food

·         IML varnish




27. 07. 2017

Packaging of the year 2017 for OTK GROUP

At the end of June, an evaluation of packaging registered for the competition PACKAGING OF THE YEAR 2017 took place. OTK GROUP won the award for wet glue label set for Hubertus beer from Kácov brewery.

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